1. Boise Carpet Cleaner and Allergens

    Some 50 million Americans suffer from some sort of allergies, many of these allergy sufferers will sneeze and sniffle all the way through fall. That's right, you can suffer allergies in the fall. You couldĀ be affected bad enough by your allergies that you have to stay indoors all day. But that just…Read More

  2. Carpet Cleaning Company in Nampa and Carpet Choices

    There are far more considerations when choosing carpet for your home than just the color. There is price, style, the amount of traffic it will be handling and the carpet cleaning company in Nampa that will ensure it looks great for years to come. Before you start shopping for new carpet, there are a…Read More

  3. Enlist the Services of Your Boise Carpet Cleaner

    Are you through the hardwood floor craze? You might have hardwood floors in your home or place of business only because it was cool to have hardwood floors, they were the "in" thing for a long time. But the problem with hanging with the cool crowd is that you tend to lose your identity, your individ…Read More

  4. You Hired a Carpet Cleaning Company on Star Wars Day

    It's May 4th, 2017, Star Wars Day, and you have absolutely nothing to do. You had planned on shampooing the carpet, stopping by the store, renting a carpet cleaning machine and indulging in hard labor for the better part of the day. But you came to your senses and at the last minute, ditched the ide…Read More