Are you through the hardwood floor craze? You might have hardwood floors in your home or place of business only because it was cool to have hardwood floors, they were the “in” thing for a long time. But the problem with hanging with the cool crowd is that you tend to lose your identity, your individualism and then you suddenly realize why you had to have hardwood floors in the first place.

What you need is a list of reasons why carpet is the way to go. If you are ready to embrace wall-to-wall carpeting again, here are some reasons why is would be a good choice.


Carpeting insulates against the heat and the cold. It can be a huge advantage in the winter time when the temperatures plummet as carpeting can save you money in energy costs. Plus; walking from the bedroom to the kitchen on a hardwood floor in the winter is remarkably cold. Keep your feet warm and cozy for that journey to the coffee machine with carpet.

Easy Cleaning

People say that hardwood floors are easy to keep and maintain, so is carpet. The best way to ensure your carpet is clean and fresh is by enlisting the services of your Boise carpet cleaner. They will keep your carpet clean and vibrant.


If you ever have a chance to stay in a luxury hotel, they have one thing in common; they have luxurious carpet in every room. There is a reason for this, because carpet is far more luxurious than hardwood floors. In fact, you will be hard-pressed to find a hotel without carpet.

There are any number of types and styles of carpeting that will reflect your personality or the decor of your home and make it look as luxuries as a fancy hotel.

Noise Reduction

Many condo bylaws require that you have wall-to-wall carpeting because it absorbs sound. They enact this bylaw because nobody wants to hear your television, your music and you walking down the hall. Just think about how much quieter your home would be if you had wall-to-wall carpet.

Carpet with a thick padding acts as a barrier between floors and reduces the sounds traveling up or down. This means you aren’t bothered by kids running around upstairs while you are trying to watch television downstairs and they aren’t bothered by the sounds of you watching television downstairs while they are trying to sleep upstairs.


Carpeting is a versatile choice for those who want their home to reflect their personality or sense of style. While hard

While hardwood floors are undeniably beautiful, they all look pretty much alike. This means that your neighbor’s living room floors look just like yours, there is nothing unique about either of them.

However, the chances that anyone in your neighborhood having the very same style and color carpet you have is pretty slim. Carpeting is one standout that makes your home different from the rest.

It’s Soft

Hardwood floors are, well, hard. Carpet is soft and it a pleasure to walk on, lie down on and even sleep on.