When you get new carpet in your home, it really is kind of a big deal. The new carpet you chose for your home wasn’t cheap, you had to spend good money to have it bought and installed, so you will want to take good care of your new carpet.

Of course, you will have regular visits from your Nampa carpet cleaner to ensure it stays clean. But you also know there will be things you can do to help keep your carpet in good shape and looking great for years to come.

Use Doormats

You might think a door mat is an ugly item that is only used by people who have no style or culture. However, a doormat is just what you need to reduce the amount of dirt and sand tracked into your home and ground into your carpet. By investing just a few dollars in a few doormats, you can help extend the life of your carpet by years.

Vacuum All of the Time

It is recommended that you vacuum your carpet every day if you want to get the most life out of it. Yes, we said vacuum your carpet daily. If this is a task that is just too overwhelming, consider investing in a robotic vacuum that works all on its own accord.

You see, daily vacuuming keeps your carpet free from dirt and debris that gets on it all of the time. When you vacuum every day, dirt and debris never have a chance to sink into the carpet and cause damage.

Clean Up Accidents Immediately

If you happen to spill something on your carpet, don;t just ignore it and make a note to call the carpet cleaners, do something about it right away. A quick clean will reduce the rate of absorption and help reduce the chances of a permanent stain.

Don’t Beleive the Hype

There are any number of products out there with people pitching them as the ultimate carpet stain remover. Many of these products do not remove the stain but instead, they simply mask the stain and drive it deeper into the fibers.

Don’t spend money on these inferior products that do more to harm your carpet as to get it clean. Your best bet is to hire a professional carpet cleaner who will tackle the job with top-quality products and expertise.


Save your carpet by discovering a carpet cleaning company that uses environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning solutions. You will feel better about your decision as well.


Your carpet might look clean, but it could still be harboring harmful bacteria and giving off a bad odor. There are products available that will eliminate, not mask, odors.

Use Area Rugs

In addition to doormats, utilize rugs and runners in high-traffic areas. This will minimize crushing your carpet and soiling. Area rugs also look pretty darn good and can add color to your home. High traffic areas can include hallways, entryways and the areas in front of chairs and couches.