There are far more considerations when choosing carpet for your home than just the color. There is price, style, the amount of traffic it will be handling and the carpet cleaning company in Nampa that will ensure it looks great for years to come. Before you start shopping for new carpet, there are a lot of things you need to think about. For example, would you prefer a cut loop carpet or Berber?

Here are a few examples of what types of carpet is available and other considerations when in the market for new carpet.

Level Loop

This type of carpet has looped threads of yarn in tufts of the same height. This type of carpet can stand up to a lot of wear which makes it ideal for high-traffic areas. It comes in many colors and designs so choosing the perfect look for your home is easy.


Berber is a very popular carpet style. It is made with thicker yarn for added durability and it a level loop cut pile. Berber carpet won’t show vacuum tracks or footprints and is an ideal carpet for informal areas as it isn;t considered a posh carpet.

Multilevel Loop

Multilevel loop carpet features looped threads of yarn as well, but these loops are of different heights, giving it a uniquely textured surface.

Random Sheer

This particular carpet style combines cut and uncut tips for a textured appearance. It is a carpet that would look great in any room.


Saxony is a type of carpet that is a soft cut pile with an even surface. Typically, Saxon carpet is woven quite densely and has a plush, very soft feel to it. It does tend to show vacuum marks and footprints but is a luxury carpet associated with quality.

The softness of Saxony carpet makes it a very popular choice for bedrooms. The elegant nature of this carpet creates a luxurious atmosphere in the room. When you walk into a room with Saxony carpet, you feel like you entered a formal or otherwise important room.


Plush carpet is a type of carpet that really lives up to its name. Plush carpet features weave that is both dense and smooth, many compare it to the look of a freshly cut lawn.

Plush carpet has a real smooth texture and a soft and elegant feel to it. Plush carpeting is a pleasure to walk on, sit on and even take a nap on. This type of carpet is ideal for bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms.


Frieze is a twist or trackless carpet that creates a texture that masks footprints. High-traffic areas like hallways or kids’ bedrooms are perfect for this type of carpet.

In addition to the types of carpet available, there are also options in carpet colors that need to be considered.

Light Colors

Light-colored carpets might show stains more easily than darker carpets, but they will also make spaces look big and bright.

Medium Colors

Medium-colored carpets are great for hiding dirt and dust and will do rather well in hallways and entrances.

Dark Colors

Dark-colored carpets do a fine job in hiding stains, but dust and dirt will tend to show up more. The deep colors give rooms a cozy feeling.


Multi-colored carpets do a pretty good job in hiding dust, dirt and most stains and they will make any room stand out.


Patterned carpets can range from simple geometric designs to floral patterns to something whimsical that would appease a child.

When in the market for new carpeting, it is wise to take the time and make an educated choice.