It’s May 4th, 2017, Star Wars Day, and you have absolutely nothing to do. You had planned on shampooing the carpet, stopping by the store, renting a carpet cleaning machine and indulging in hard labor for the better part of the day. But you came to your senses and at the last minute, ditched the idea of cleaning your carpets and hired a carpet cleaning company instead. You see, contrary to what other may sit, you do make some good decisions sometimes.

Anyway, since you were planning on cleaning your carpet on this fine day, you didn’t plan any activities. Being that it is Star Wars Day, perhaps we can think of a few things you can do to honor this fine celebration.


Food is an essential part of any holiday or celebration. So you should at least consider whipping up a smorgasbord of Star Wars-themed dishes for you and the rest of the family to enjoy. In fact, you might want to invite friends over to help scarf down Wookie Cookies, Carbonite Jelly, C-3Pscones and Takodana Tacos.

Seriously, potato chips and pretzels just won’t cut it when you have hungry Sith Lords, Jawas and Stormtroopers hanging around your house. Let Star Wars be your inspiration for fun food.

Get a Tattoo

Admit it, you have always wanted a tattoo and a Star Wars themed tattoo would be the bomb. Everyone is familiar with Star Wars and the only people who don’t like it are weird anyway. The characters are memorable and will be popular for generations, so your tattoo will never really go out of style. You can’t say that about many tattoos that may be trendy today, but old and passe by tomorrow.

Speak Like Yoda, You Will

If you speak like Yoda for the entire day, somebody is apt to knock you along side your head. Plus, a roomful of people all speaking like Yoda is probably more than most can take. But if you keep it to a minimum, there is no reason why you can’t blurt out at least a few great lines Yoda style. Too carried away just get not.

Watch the Movies

If you can believe it, there are still a few people who have not seen any Star Wars movies. This is the perfect time to round up anybody you know who hasn’t enjoyed the series and force them to watch each movie. If you have already seen them, there is certainly no harm in watching them all again.

“Vader” Someone

If you are feeling frustrated because your Darth Vader costume isn’t as good as the IT dude’s costume, “Vader” him. All you need to do is get him to jump and have someone snap a photo while he is in the air. Of course, while this is happening you will be making a choking gesture with your hand. Post the photo on social media with the proper hashtags. #Vadering.

Lightsaber Fights

Make a lightsaber out of cardboard tubing and run around the neighborhood challenging all you see to a lightsaber duel.